Mount and Unmount Elastic Block Storage volume to a Linux server

Make another volume

In the event that you have no capacity gadgets in your venture yet, click on Storage tab at Client Portal and you will see the accompanying:

To make another volume click on “Add volume” button then select locale, add depiction of your volume and pick wanted size. Click “Add volume”.

Append/Detach volume at Client Portal side

At the point when volume is made you want to join it to the ideal server to mount and utilize it.

To do that snap on the volume the board symbol and select “Join volume”. Pick server to append and tap on “Connect Volume”.
Request flexible capacity

Join volume at the server side

Whenever server has been joined at the Client Portal, you really want to design it at your server side to mount and utilize it. To do as such, we have arranged a content which robotizes the design cycle for you.

wget -O /usr/local/bin/cherry-elastic-storage “

You will find every one of the expected factors at the Client Portal after volume connection is finished.

After you import required factors and download the content disagreement your SHELL climate:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cherry-elastic-storage

cherry-elastic-storage -v $vlan_id -z $vlan_ip -d $portal_ip -i $initiator -e

Toward the finish of the content handling you will be given block stockpiling gadget you will use for additional activities like making document framework and mounting it.

Remember that volume name will be not quite the same as in this model, so use volume name given by the content.

Make document framework on the volume

To utilize the volume you really want to make a document framework on it first. To do as such, you might utilize following order:
Make document framework on versatile capacity

Mounting the volume

After volume is effectively arranged to get to it for additional activities you really want to mount it. To do as such, you might utilize such order:

Whenever it’s finished, you can put information on your volume.

To make volume mount long-lasting so it can endure reboot of the server, execute following order:
Long-lasting mount block capacity

The _netdev choice guarantees that framework won’t attempt to mount the record framework until network is accessible. It is vital choice.

To confine volume to erase it or to move and connect to another server:

    Unmount volume from the framework
    Disengage it through order cherry-flexible capacity. Use – q choice rather than – e to disengage volume
    Segregate it by means of Client Portal
    Presently you might join it to another server or erase on the off chance that not needed any longer.