Move-to-earn Powerhouse Walken Surpasses two Million Registered Users

Walken continues to garner sturdy momentum no matter bearish market conditions. Interest in the task continues to speed up thanks to sustainable tokenomics and addictive gameplay. 

Walken has been in public beta trying out for 5 months. During that time, it has statedsizeableneighborhood growth. After surpassing 1 million registered gamers in August 2022, the group now celebrates the two million registered customers mark a few months later. 

The success of Walken can be attributed to various factors, together with its CAThletes, handyconsumer interface, and no entry barrier. Promoting a higherway of lifehave to be available to all of us and Walken embodies that vision. 

Moreover, the Walken crewstaysdedicated to onboarding hundreds of thousands of web2 customers to web3. Surpassing two million registered customers confirms there is excellentactivity in exploring the technology of consumer empowerment and decentralization. 

Walken Earn: stake $WLKN tokens underneathconstant or bendy terms, enabling broader token utility and participant empowerment
Walken Runner: the first hyper-casual recreation of the ecosystem 
CAThlete Merge Event: Exchange two CAThletes to 1 CAThlete with a assuredgreater rarity than Common.
Daily duties will make contributions to a different and thrillingjourney with related rewards. 

More points and occasions are in the pipeline for the subsequent few months. More small print will be unveiled by the reliable Walken social media accounts.