What is permalink in wordpress & it’s purpose

What is permalink in WordPress?

The complete URL for each and every article, page, or other piece of content on your website that you see and use is known as the permalink. The fact that it is a never-ending link is what gives it the name “permalink.” It might include a slug, which is the part of the URL that comes after the domain name, and your domain name (www.cyberpanel.net). This may be a date, a class, or whatever else you pick. A short URL that is simple to remember and share is known as a permalink.

What is the purpose of permalink?

A permalink, or long-lasting connection, is a URL that is intended to remain something very similar for a long time, bringing about a hyperlink that is less inclined to interface decay. In order to make them easier to enter and remember, permalinks are frequently presented as clean URLs. Such connections are upheld by most of current contributing to a blog and content-partnership programming frameworks. URL shortening is sometimes used to make them.

Difference between URL and permalink?

A URL is a web address that focuses to a particular page, document, or asset on the web.

However, when it comes to WordPress and web addresses, we don’t just use the term “URL.” You might also have heard the terms slug and permalink.

A URL that acts as a long-term link to a particular piece of WordPress content is called a permalink.